Bathroom Equipment

Bathroom equipment and accessories can be purchased at wholesale pricing and directly sourced from the manufacturer. Some wholesalers will only deal with trade or other business cl[...]

Electronics Trade is also a dynamic wholesale distributor of consumer electronics. Our central location in Amsterdam, NL enables us to service a network of thousands within our strong Euro[...]

Textile trade

We sell all types of fabrics and fibres that are used for many different applications such as furnishing or fashion. Textile or cloth is a flexible woven material of natural or art[...]

Cleaning Products

Cleaning supplies are products that are used for general cleaning purposes. There are as many different types of cleaning products as there are items needing cleaning. In genera[...]

Food trade

Stock your store or break room with wholesale snacks and food. We offer a wide variety of wholesale mixed nuts, discount coffee, cheap seasonings and spices, bulk canned goods, bul[...]

Fashion Trade Shows You Should Be Going To

Start a business, and you’re immediately busy with marketing. While opportunities always exist online, you might need a little push to put things in gear. That’s where trade shows shine. Trade shows are a massive marketing opportunity that can boost your brand awareness among retailers, give a much needed push to your sales, and provide you with ample opportunity to connect with the rest of the Fashion industry. You can hate trade shows. You can love them. You just can’t ignore them. They provide visibility, a credibility boost, networking time, new relationships with clients and vendors, a[...]

Beauty Trade Shows You Should Be Exhibiting At

In the Beauty and Cosmetics industry, new products are popping up all the time, from hair care, to skin care, to fragrances. In this highly competitive space, it’s necessary to incorporate in-person channels into your sales and marketing strategy, both to showcase your products and see what else is out there. Trade shows are a great way to do just that. According to, the Beauty & Cosmetics business is a staggering $56.63 billion dollar industry in the US alone. Heading to a trade show to carve out your own niche in the space can lead to new contacts, increased brand awarene[...]

Wholesale Distribution Software Investment Focused on the Front-end Sales Process

A recent survey of wholesale distributors has found that while the vast majority of respondents have already invested in technology to run their back office operations, key technology investments today––and over the next 12 months––will focus on efficiency gains and improvements to the sales process on the front end of the business. While wholesale distribution software investment in the past may have been focused on back-end technology like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, the data overwhelmingly confirmed that wholesale distributors are now thinking about investments in technol[...]

The Future of Independent Retailers: What Wholesalers Need to Know

The rise of big box stores like Walmart and Target and the prevalence of eCommerce retail are two big challenges currently facing independent retailers. Wholesalers who supply independent retail stores, meanwhile, are left wondering whether they should stick with their strategy of selling to independent retail, shift their business online, or seek out new business opportunities with big box stores. We’ve talked about the pros and cons of shifting your distribution to big box retail: the potential for increased volume must be weighed against lower margins and loss of perceived value for your[...]

What is B2B Sales & How Can You Be Successful At It?

Behind every consumer purchase is a network of business-to-business (B2B) transactions. A simple purchase at the supermarket, for instance, is only made possible by an invisible web of supporting B2B sales. The key distinguishing feature of a B2B sale is that the customer is an organization rather than an individual consumer. So what is B2B sales, what does the process look like in wholesale distribution in particular, and how can wholesalers optimize their B2B sales experience? What is B2B Sales & Are Wholesalers Doing It Right? For wholesalers, a sale isn’t just about moving product. A[...]
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